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5 Effective Key Words To Use When Marketing To Taiwanese

July 10, 2017

Author Youhsuan

Looking at trends in Taiwan and the preferences of its people when purchasing products, here are key words to consider in order to make your Taiwanese marketing efforts more effective.

1. Eco-Friendly

Everybody should be making an effort to protect Mother Earth, and Taiwanese definitely do. The brands that share this belief have seen positive results. For example, detergents that emphasize “eco-friendly” have seen sales grow by 5% in the last year. 38% of all detergents brand themselves as eco-friendly, far more than the second place approach of “effective” (27%). Detergent refill packages, which use less packaging material, also saw growth at 10%.

Taiwanese have a hectic work culture, so instead of products branding themselves as effective, they prefer ones that give the impression of having a relaxing effect, things with soothing aromas that feel natural.

2. Good Quality

This may be peculiar being that Taiwan is economically not in a great place, but the sales of higher priced goods have increased by 7% while lower priced ones have decreased by 15% in the last year. It may be due to the myth that expensive automatically means good quality.

Taiwanese are willing to buy higher quality items with a higher price tag over cheaper ones that may not last as long, or that risk doing damage to their health or that of their loved ones.

3. Highly Recommended

While having an over-abundance of choices, we are faced with the limitation of time. No one wants to spend 15 minutes debating which shampoo they should buy. Therefore, showing others “recommend” the item conveys its worth so that the customer can save time.

4. Pure

2008 was a bad year for Taiwan as many food safety issues arose in items such as daily cooking oils and popular drinks. Because of this, Taiwanese have come to trust smaller, local brands instead of huge, global, powerful brands.

Adding something like “Made with ingredients sourced in Napa Valley, California” to “Made in the USA” may prove to be beneficial. Local brands are viewed as being fresh, honest and healthy, as they have much more to lose if they no longer have the customer’s trust.

5. Healthy

While Taiwanese used to have the belief that only sick people need to take care of themselves, the culture is changing. In fact, sales of health care foods such as vitamins reached around 4 billion New Taiwan Dollars (1 NTD = US $0.03) last year.

Of course these words should only be applied to products that accurately reflect them, but if they do, consider making these key words prominent in your marketing efforts.