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Facebook Ads: Content Creation for Beginners

March 13, 2018

Author Youhsuan

Advertising on Facebook is often a huge part of an online advertiser’s efforts, and in order to help them produce better results, Facebook provides a course called Blueprint. They educate advertisers about the policies, pricing, and the importance of the creative. We took part in the course and will pass on some of what was covered.


Sharing the same opinion as Facebook, we also feel that while AI and big data can help target potential clients and customers, unless you produce a convincing creative, your ad won’t work like how you want it to.


Here’s some points on creatives that we would like to share with you:



Point 1: Make the finger stop


Compared to 10 years ago, our attention span is getting shorter, going from 13 seconds to a mere 5 seconds. Reading speed on the other hand, has increased to 130 words per minute, meaning more information is being consumed in less time.


Because of this, advertisers need to try hard to grab the user’s short attention, making them stop their fingers from scrolling.


By utilizing an interesting picture or by showing the ad in an innovative way, the likelihood of making the user spend a second on the ad increases, accomplishing the task of getting their attention and increasing the chances of them considering the promotion.


This picture looks like Marilyn Monroe’s lips, but look again and you can see a Coca Cola bottle. This piece of ad creative is just a picture with no words, but because it’s interesting and has something to say, it’s gotten some online buzz.



Point 2: Map the creative to the marketing funnel 



How to guide a user to travel down the marketing funnel, from awareness to conversion, is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers. Luckily Facebook has provided the ability to define campaign goals and different ways to show creative content.


At the awareness level, getting the target to remember the brand is the desired outcome. To help accomplish this, using a video showcasing your brand in a creative way may be best.

By using the Facebook Pixel, the users who have seemingly shown interest in the video can then be retargeted with another ad.


At this stage, some of that audience may be considering purchasing your brand’s product or service. They may be looking around for reviews online, scoping out your social media accounts or checking out competitors. Getting an influencer endorsement and showing that piece of creative or delivering a coupon at this stage may help entice the considering user to take action and purchase.


It’s important to remember that each of these ad efforts are connected and aim to lead the target to the next stage in their decision to purchase, so clearly plan out what will be done at each stage of the marketing funnel.



Point 3: Repurpose and reuse the existing creatives


When it comes to video length, there’s no all-encompassing answer, but Facebook recommends 15 seconds. If your video is 2 minutes, that’s perfectly fine if the target likes it, but remember that it can also be clipped into shorter, different pieces of content as well. Make clips from the longer content, make sure it doesn’t change the story and that the start is attention-grabbing, and you have another potential piece of creative that you can show.


After the creative comes the actual posting. We’ll pass on 3 short tips to pay attention to when posting Facebook Ads in our next Blueprint post.