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Facebook Ads: Content Formats for Beginners

April 10, 2018

Author Youhsuan

We introduced the basics of Facebook ads from Facebook’s Blueprint course, so now we’ll get into tips for creative content.

These recommendations come directly from Facebook and may help maximize ad budgets for their algorithm.


1. Single images


· Make sure it’s consistent with your brand

Repurposing content used on other media channels for Facebook can help maintain your brand and campaign’s image. Don’t forget to throw in your logo as well.


· Maximize screen use

Use as much screen space as possible – larger images are more impactful. The traditional image ratio is 16:9 or 4:3, but phone screens are vertical. 9:16 or 3:4 helps take over more of the person’s screen.


· Focus on what matters

A single ad should have a single focus. After figuring out what message you’re trying to get across, design content according to what your target customer wants to see.


· Less text is better

Not only does Facebook have a policy that text must not exceed 20% of the image, consumers also don’t like being distracted by a lot of text as well. Let the images convey your brand’s story. Books like “Hidden Persuasion” by Marc Andrews can help teach how to produce influential images.


facebook single image ads



2. Carousel


The Carousel ad format produces multiple images or animations in one ad. It’s highly flexible and is a good for promoting awareness and introducing products.


· Paint a journey

Through a series of images, you can create a storybook-like post that you want the consumer to receive.


· Take it horizontal

Cutting a landscape or panoramic image into several smaller images can make for a fun way to present a product. To showcase a car’s versatility, for example, cutting a side shot of the car into pieces and placing each section inside different backgrounds can showcase that it is for multiple situations and lifestyles.


· Use dynamic photos

Dynamic photos like cinemagraphs are photos where only one part is moving. This tends to make people stop scrolling and look at the image for a few more seconds. This type of captivating content can help change people’s natural negative feelings when seeing an ad.


· Flip the journey

While Carousels are horizontal, the images don’t have to be. Consider telling the story with flipped images, maybe of buildings or an elevator, in order to get attention and take consumers on a different journey.


facebook carousel ad format


3. Video


· Convey your message within 15 seconds

Being able to grab a person’s attention and interest before they slip to the next post in their feed is key. If you’re successful at that, leaving them hanging at the end will make them desire more.


· Make sure your message is heard on silent
According to Facebook’s statistics, the chances of a person rewatching a video after watching it the first time with the sound on versus on silent is about the same – only 5% higher with the sound on. Subtitling is very important in order to convey the message in both situations. In addition, the faster the subtitles disappear, the more focused the viewer tends to be.


facebook vertical video ad format


4. Slideshow


Slideshows act as an alternative to video, showcasing content such as photos, animations and catalogs.


· Reach audiences in developing countries better
People’s patience in developing countries are also shortening, but their internet speeds may not be as fast or reliable. Because Slideshows load faster than video, this can help businesses reach target audiences there.


facebook slideshow ad format


5. Canvas (full screen ad)


Canvas ads bring full screen experiences to consumers, increase their viewing rate. Regular links to webpages tend to take a longer time to load, but Canvases act as a quick-loading, one-page ad.


・Get creative
Images, videos, text and buttons can be freely added to a Canvas ad so brand owners can arrange content according to the stories they want to convey. Engaging Canvases can vastly increase the amount of time a target customer looks at your ad.


・Lessen the “spam”
Users have the power to engage or skip content, so reducing the sales asks and increasing interesting content can be more effective and improve the brand image.


・Deploy it at any stage of the marketing funnel
Depending on your purpose, Canvas ads can help you improve your brand awareness or drive people to conversion on their phones. It also launched on Instagram ads recently as well.