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Japanese Media Consumption Trends and Behavior 2019

January 10, 2019

Barrett Ishida
Author Barrett Ishida

By getting a better sense of current consumer attention and behavior trends, marketers and advertisers can better strategize and plan their campaigns to have a greater impact on potential customers.


Japan is often regarded as a challenging and different market, and there is a limited amount of up-to-date information about it translated in English. We gathered the latest information about how people in Japan are currently consuming media – the channels their attention is in, the networks they’re on and more, and compiled it in English here.


These are some of the highlights from our full report, which you can download here:




There’s an attention shift to mobile.


This is the current breakdown of the media channels that Japanese pay attention to. Mobile phones and tablets are growing significantly at the expense of every traditional media channel.


Attention in mobile devices is now at 34% of the total, up from 3% in 2006.


Consumers in Japan are having more contact with media than ever.


Contact with media hit an all-time high in 2018, with the average person consuming 396 minutes each day. Mobile media was also an all-time high at 103.1 minutes a day.


People in Japan have a growing amount of contact with media.


Social is the highest overall activity done in mobile devices.


As attention to mobile devices increase, the activities done in them differ slightly by age and day of the week. The highest overall activity done is using social networks.


Social network use is forecasted to grow by 2.1% this year in Japan as more people in the 40s-60s demographic jump on networks.


The most used social network in Japan after the messenger app LINE is Twitter.


Changes in social network use between 2017 and 2018.


The social network that saw the biggest increase in usage between 2017 and 2018 was Tik Tok, with 72% of users surveyed saying they use it more. The second biggest increase was in Instagram with 54% of users reporting an increase in use.


Estimated market share of SVOD services in Japan in 2017 (2018 data not yet available)