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TikTok Ads Coming in 2019

February 21, 2019

Barrett Ishida
Author Barrett Ishida

Advertisers are increasingly looking at TikTok as the social network continues to grow rapidly and they begin rolling out new ad options.


Since last covering TikTok before they entered the US with their merge with musical.ly, it’s been a regular in the top free apps rankings in both Japan and the US.


TikTok is growing impressively, reportedly with these numbers in Japan [J]:


  • 9.5 million monthly active users (as of 4Q 2018)

  • To compare, Instagram has 29 million monthly active users in Japan

  • 6 sessions a day on average

  • 41 minutes of use per day on average


TikTok Ad Types


Taking a look at TikTok in Japan where brands have already begun running ads, we can distinguish between a few different ad options.


Because advertising on TikTok may not yet be available everywhere, this should give an idea of the offerings that’ll be coming to those countries.


Brand Takeover launch screen ad


TikTok Brand Takeover launch screen ad by Softbank

TikTok Brand Takeover launch screen ad by 0テレ encouraging post creation


  • What: Full screen, up to 5 sec. static / animated / video ad that displays when the user opens the app


  • Objective: Send users to a page within or outside of TikTok, or have them participate in a hashtag challenge


  • Note: This ad type likely limits the amount of advertisers per day in each country


In-feed native video ad


TikTok in-feed native video ad by Gunosy

TikTok in-feed native video ad by Brawl Stars


  • What: Autoplaying, full screen, in-feed native video ad in the “For You” feed


  • Objective: Link to landing page, hashtag challenge page or app store


  • Note: There seems to be different ad options within the in-feed ad type, as well as possible restrictions on the number of advertisers and ad creatives being run at one time


Hashtag Challenge ad


Clicking to the TikTok Hashtag Challenge ad page by 0テレ


  • What: Ad that promotes a branded hashtag that entices users to create posts around the theme


  • Objective: To promote the creation of original, user-generated content


  • Note: This ad type is likely a package as it can be promoted in other areas like the Brand Takeover launch screen ad and in the Discovery page banner area


Possible future ad types are said to include Snapchat-like branded lenses, which are 2D lens filters for photos and 3D lenses for faces, as well as AR stickers like the NFL stickers they already released.



NFL player AR stickers



TikTok continues to gain people’s attention around the world. While it started with the teenage and younger demographic, a growing number of adults are now becoming users as well.


As more and more attention goes into the network, advertisers will find it an increasingly attractive place to put their ad dollars.