We customize our services
in order to drive goal-oriented results in today’s world.


  1. デジタルマーケティング

    Account Strategy

    A digital consultancy that operates according to current realities. We strategize around our client’s goals, applying our knowledge of today’s digital landscape and up-to-date techniques to create a customized plan that helps bring those goals to life.

  2. メディア選定

    Community Management

    Our ambassador outreach and influencer marketing strategies help build our clients’ fanbase and strengthen brand-customer relationships, all while elevating our client’s brand on the world’s gathering place: social media.

  3. 広告運用

    Ad Optimization

    With a deep understanding of platform nuances and user behaviors, we implement and continually optimize ad measures from search to social so that we’re sure every penny is working to its maximum potential.

  4. レポート

    Insights & Analysis

    From surveying the market and auditing social accounts to providing detailed performance reports, we make sure that we are on the same page as our clients so we can move forward together and achieve the KPIs.

  5. インバウンド

    International Marketing

    Our knowledge of APAC markets and native-level capable Japanese, English and Mandarin-speaking staff enable us to help businesses reach their international targets where they are, all while helping to limit potential language and cultural barriers.