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International APAC Marketing

Seamlessly reach Japan, Taiwan, Singapore
and other markets around the Pacific


We grow awareness of your business
according to your international target market.

Effective international marketing today requires the ability to natively bridge languages and cultures while understanding how to navigate the current spaces that own the target audience’s attention.

We combine our marketing expertise with data and utilize our network of international staff, offices and partners to help clients to grow their business abroad.

Our Approach

  • Focus on the target’s attention

    In the age of mobile and social media, the shifts in people’s attention occur faster than ever.
    Our approach prioritizes the platforms where the target’s attention is currently in. A strategy is then created with the goal of affecting them while they’re in those spaces.

  • Continuously localize to the target

    Digital channels own a lot of attention now, but the platforms and nuances within them differ in each country.
    Our international staff allows for better user communication and continuous optimization according to the reality of each target market.

  • Apply marketing knowhow based on experience

    Our in-house team of planners, creators and doers along with our network of partners keeps us close to the actual work.
    We draw upon 25+ years of Japan market experience, the knowhow acquired at our Singapore and Taiwan offices, as well as our international work in other APAC countries in order to help our clients effectively market to the target they desire to impact.


  • Digital Strategy

  • Social Community

  • Social Ads

  • Native Ads

  • Search Ads

  • Influencer/KOL

  • UGC Management

  • Creative Production

  • Social Listening

  • Offline Events

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Regarding our personal infomation policy

please agree to the following.*

TAM Inc., (hereafter referred to as 'The Company'), a company which builds websites with the corporate vision of 'client corporation web strategy partner', recognizes the importance of the personal information, including client information, that it is privy to, believes that it is socially obligated to handle it in a thorough and proper manner.
Therefore, with the privacy policy established below, all employees are united in building and continuously improving the personal information protection management system.

  1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

    When the Company collects personal information, it shall only be done so showing clearly what it will be used for, with the consent of the individual, and in an appropriate manner.
    In addition, personal information will only be used in the manner as described, and there are rules and regulations preventing its use for other purposes.

  2. Employee Training for the Protection of Personal Information

    All employees of the Company, including its officers, regular employees, contract employees and part-time employees shall undergo training for a minimum of one year to enable them to properly manage and protect personal information during day to day operations.

  3. Installation of Personal Information Managers

    The Company has installed personal information managers and a system for the appropriate management of personal information in-house.

  4. Disclosure of Collected Personal Information to Third Parties

    The personal information collected by the Company shall not be disclosed or provided to third parties except under the following circumstances.

    • With the permission of the individual
    • For the purpose of activities such as information processing, the Company may deposit personal information with subcontractors as is deemed necessary.
    • (In this circumstance, the subcontractor shall thoroughly protect the personal information involved)
    • When required to by law
    • When necessary to protect vital interests such as public property, health or life
    • Security

    In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, thorough measures shall be taken to prevent the destruction, loss or falsification, while allowing appropriate and necessary corrections to personal information, and the personal information management system shall be continuously improved.

  5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

    The Company shall comply with the laws and guidelines set by the country with respect to the handling of personal information.

  6. Inquiries

    If the Company receives a request from the individual to disclose or correct their own personal information, or an enquiry regarding the privacy policy or personal information, or a complaint or consultation, they shall be handled in an appropriate manner by the [Personal Information Consultation Window] listed below.

  7. Review of the Personal Information Protection Management System

    The Personal Information Management System and the Privacy Policy shall be reviewed at least once per year in order to continually improve the handling and management of individual personal information.

[Personal Information Consultation Window]

TAM Inc., Personal Information Consultation

tel: +81 (6) 6311-7755


Date of Enactment: February 1st, 2007

Last Revised: November 1st, 2007

TAM Inc.

CEO: Shinji Tamehiro