A lineup of experienced players.


  • 村山 将
    村山 将

    村山 将Sho Murayama

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    I was formerly doing corporate sales at a bank, but I joined TAM to improve my skills so I wouldn’t need to rely on company employment to make a living. I gained Web direction experience for the first 2 years of my new career, and I’ve become a start-up member of the advertisement team. Now I’m in charge of planning, management, and optimization of every kind of digital ad.

  • 野原 杉
    野原 杉

    野原 杉Oki Nohara

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    Under the current circumstances of everything being connected to digital, the key to digital marketing success is to understand where the customer’s attention is and exactly what kind of emotion drives them. By understanding customer insight, we can plan strategies, analyze and improve the customer journey.
    I’d love to help you in your digital marketing success.

  • 石田 バレット
    石田 バレット

    石田 バレットBarrett Ishida

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    Born and raised in the US, I came to Japan after doing social media marketing at a Silicon Valley startup. Social media has always been indespensible in my personal life since it’s allowed me to amplify and connect. Because it’s only evolved to become the primary communication platform of today, I leverage my knowledge and experience to help brands make an impact in that space.

  • 陳 祐萱
    陳 祐萱

    陳 祐萱Chen You-Hsuan

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    Born and raised in Taiwan, I was a former marketing executive at a major department store. I specialize in Chinese marketing, so feel free to ask me anything about Chiense or Japanese marketing!

  • 斎藤 隆一郎
    斎藤 隆一郎

    斎藤 隆一郎Ryuichiro Saito

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    10 years ago, I started a new career in the Web industry which was a complete 180 from my previous career in martial arts. I like trying out brand new IT tools and sharing it with people. I’m in charge of ad management, analytics, and creating data feeds. I’m also trying to be an acting master of Shigin (reciting Chinese poems).

  • 畠中 宣利
    畠中 宣利

    畠中 宣利Hisatoshi Hatakenaka

    Fascinated by the Web, I changed my career from dealing with stocks to SEO. After that, I joined TAM in Osaka handling the planning and management of digital ads. I used to be a high-jump athlete when I was a student, and sometimes I take part in competitions even now. I’m always trying to do my best to empower the Osaka market with the power of Web.

  • 河合 恒介
    河合 恒介

    河合 恒介Kousuke Kawai

    • pintarest

    I’ve had an interest in the Internet industry since my youth, so I joined TAM after graduating from college to be active in it. I’m in charge of ads planning, management and optimization. I’m eager to give it my all!

  • 宮久保 仁貴
    宮久保 仁貴

    宮久保 仁貴Masaki Miyakubo

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    Before being involved in the web industry, I was planning, managing and promoting concerts in the music industry. Because I have an in-depth knowledge about Japanese music, art, fashion and subcultures, I can help create custom marketing strategies utilizing social platforms and influencers that impact culture.
    In my free time, you can find me writing about heavy metal, Japanese idols and punk rock music!

  • 爲廣 慎二
    爲廣 慎二

    爲廣 慎二Shinji Tamehiro

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    After Smartphone has taken root in our life, and Social Media has taken a leading part, Digital Marketing has passed a turning point. In today’s media environment where websites are being commoditized and traditional media is losing its superiority, our goal is to help your brand send consistent messages via every touch point, with a focus on social media.