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Brand Taiwan’s YiFang Fruit Tea and build a following in Japan through social community management.


  • Account strategy
  • Ad optimization
  • Creative production
  • Social community management

With over 150 locations in Taiwan, mainland China, Canada, the UK, Macau and Hong Kong, YiFang Fruit Tea set its sights on Japan. At the end of 2017, they officially opened their first location in the country in Tokyo. Due to the unique characteristics of the Japanese market, as well as language and cultural barriers, they reached out to TAMKO to help with their overall marketing efforts in the country.

To accomplish the goals set, we decided to use Instagram as the primary communication channel and LINE to futher connect with fans. A month prior to the opening, we created animations and implemented ad strategies, succesfully growing awareness and interest in Tokyo as well as turning heads in other cities.

In addition to posting, we search for potential fans and customers through various local tags. With our mind on increasing sales, we are also focused on the desire to introduce more people to the good flavors of Taiwan.


In the first two weeks of Instagram operations, 500 followers were gained and ad efforts helped reach 150,000. Within the first three days of the shop’s opening, 300 more followed the account without any advertising. Posts on the account have reached as high as a 30% engagement rate and over 100 photos have been posted with the branded hashtag in the first several days.


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Therefore, with the privacy policy established below, all employees are united in building and continuously improving the personal information protection management system.

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    In order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, thorough measures shall be taken to prevent the destruction, loss or falsification, while allowing appropriate and necessary corrections to personal information, and the personal information management system shall be continuously improved.

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Last Revised: November 1st, 2007

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